A strong work ethic, a humble attitude and good role models.

Here in Hong Kong, everything is fast paced and looking for a coach that has the experience for communicating to all ages and abilities, from juniors picking up a racket for the first time to experienced adults looking to take their game onto the next level - is difficult. Tennis is a complex and difficult game, involving just about every movement the body is capable of making. And how you move is only half the story - tennis involves your mind too.

Playing "The Points"

It is often said that good tennis players do not always make good tennis coaches. No one connected with the game will argue with that premise. One can also argue that good tennis teachers are not automatically good coaches. Coaching a team of individuals over a long period of time goes far beyond the tennis pro's relatively simple job of dispensing instruction to single persons or groups. I guess that's why it's important that you choose a coach with the tennis infrastructure to progress your game to whatever level you choose.

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Christopher Lean
Australian Tennis Professional Coaches Association (ATPCA/NCAS/TCA level 3)
National Coaching Accreditation Scheme(NCAS) administered by the Australian Sports Commission. (1999-2007)
Tennis Australia.(2004-2007)
Club Secretary of Eastern Suburbs Tennis Club Coogee Sydney (2008-2012)

The coaching philosophy I use is based on a concept that includes:

Ball Toss completed, and racket coming up from behind to reach for the ball. Serve Motion. Contact at full length with arm extended, racket coming up from behind. The ball being struck in mid-air is caused by the throwing jack-knife spring motion of the body.
The upper body rotation completed, wrist pronated, and left foot back on the ground regaining balance. Ball is moving away and contact already made Coming in for a slice to execute an approach shot. Get under the ball and follow through with moving the body diagonally to flight of struck ball
Executing the backhand with top-spin, hips uncoiling from a closed stance. On an open stance, racket held back and low on a western grip to contact the ball with the open-faced racket moving upwards.